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What's new in HDL Companion 3.1

Parser messages

The messages from the fuzzy, VHDL and (System)Verilog parser are now placed in a separate tab (named ‘Verify’) in the Console window instead of printing them in the Tcl console. This page will be raised after parsing one or multiple HDL files. Filters are present to hide specific severities (like notes and warnings).

Console window: parser tab
Console window: parser tab

The message id is placed in front of the messages. Messages from the fuzzy parser use different icons and are also used in the Scriptum editor.

The ‘Tool flow’ tab lists the messages from the external tools (using the Tcl interface) invoked on the HDL files. These messages can no longer be cleared for individual files.

HDL Parsers

The SystemVerilog parser is extended with the 2012 standard. The VHDL fuzzy parser will now report a message if secondary unit mentioned in a use clause cannot be resolved.

File browser

The sidebar of the file browser will show the same data independent of the kind of file (Companion project, HDL file) you are browsing for. The sidebar serves as a fast access to specific folders. You can add items to the sidebar by dragging a folder from the main file view into the sidebar. Items can be removed by selecting them and pressing the right mouse button; from the context menu select ‘Remove’.

File browser
File browser


Tooltips can be automatic (timed) or on demand by pressing the F1 key. The behaviour is set with the tooltip button in the main toolbar or the SHIFT-F1 accelerator key.

Tool tip
Tool tip

Tooltips can be pinned to the screen by pressing the ‘p’ key or by clicking on the pin when the tip is visible. The pinned tooltip will stay visible until the current project is closed or when you press the ESC key (or remove the pin). They can be moved on screen by dragging the header to the desired location. Text in the tooltip can be selected and copied to clipboard using the <ctrl>-C key.

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HDL Companion 3.1 can be downloaded from our website using the link below.

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