ConnTrace - Altium Designer extension

ConnTrace is the only tool to visualize connectivity between components (including FPGA) on one or multiple boards.

HDL Works has developed an Altium Designer extension to form a bride between the schematic capture design and ConnTrace. The extension allows you to export the schematic netlist of the active open PCB project (or all projects) to ConnTrace using HDL Works XML format. This format contains more information than the regular netlist formats.

The extension can be started from the 'Tools -> ConnTrace dialog...' menu when a schematic page is active in the editor.

The extension is available for Altium Designer 18 to 20. It can be downloaded from the ConnTrace download page. (We are waiting for Altium to review the extension so it can installed from within Altium Designer)
Please contact HDL Works if you would like to use this extension in Altium Designer 16 or 17.

More information on the ConnTrace features and its smart verification methodology can be found on the main page.

Altium ConnTrace dialog
Altium ConnTrace dialog

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