What's new in IO Checker™ 3.2

CSV file import dialog.

CSV file import

Constraints can be import from a CSV (comma separated values) file and are stored in the User data section of an IO Checker project. The standard information (signal name and IO type) are shown in the constraints columns of signal view. Importing a CSV file is like assigning new constraints values. The background of such a changed signal in the signal view is light yellow (indicating a change). The column separator and the order of the entries are configurable in the dialog.

Other column information (like signal direction) can also be extracted and are stored as properties in the User data section. See the IO Checker manual how to import custom properties.

Custom properties are shown in the tooltip of the pin column.

Device Support

The following device families (or additional devices) have been added:

The complete list of supported FPGA families can be found on the FPGA page.


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