Connector transformation

Some connections standards (like OPENVPX) have different numbers of pins on a backplane connector than on the child board connector. The achieved connections even differ depending on odd and even pin numbers.

It can also be that different pin names have been used when creating the connector symbol(s). Or you have a COTS board that uses a different naming convention.

To overcome these issues ConnTrace is equipped with Connector Mapping. It allows you to re-define how connector pins connect between boards. The mappings are defined using regular expressions in configuration files and can easily be extended by the users.

    OPENVPX Odd Differential connections
OPENVPX Odd Differential connections


Below is a (simplified) example of the effect of connector mapping. The left image shows an OPENVPX: Differential mapping applied. You can see for example that the even pins of row B of the 'Brd1' map to the C row of the 'Backplane' and the odd pins of row B of the daughter board 'Brd1' map to row B on the 'Backplane'.
In the right image has no transformation mapping is applied and shows a lot of errors.

Transformation applied     No transformation applied

Predefined mappings

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