Automatically verifying
thousands of connections between PCBs

When developing large electronic systems consisting of multiple Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), making sure that each signal is connected to the correct pin of a connector is a cumbersome task. Until now there has not been a way to verify these connections automatically and designers were forced to manually check each connector pin.
Using ConnTrace you can process a number of netlists (which may be in different formats), define the connections and trace the signals from board to board.

Intelligent Verification

ConnTrace uses rules (based on regular expressions) to match the signal names between PCBs. It allows the tool to validate groups of matches although individual signals can still differ. The rules can be generated automatically and be fine-tuned by the designer. The automated approach will often match 80% to 90% of all connector pins.

The flexibility of ConnTrace allows it to be used in any design flow and does not require any design methodology. The rule generator in combination with the sorted problem view allows engineers to validate large systems in a few hours.

Once the project and its rules are defined it is a simple task to re-verify the connectors when changed were made to the PCBs. All out-of-date files are processed in one action.

Features & Benefits

  • Compare PCB signal/pin names using regular expressions
  • Automatic rule generation
  • User directed acceptance of verified differences
  • One click verification and consistency
  • Reports incremental changes in pin- and net list
  • Concentrate on a dozen differences instead of a thousand lines
  • Fits in any design flow
  • HTML report
ConnTrace Main Window

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