Supported PCB Design Systems

ConnTrace supports the majority of Schematic Capture / PCB development systems from the leading vendors Altium, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Zuken. Different formats may be used within a single project.

Most interfaces are based on a netlist generated by the PCB system. If your PCB system is not present please check if it is capable of generating one of the netlists presented below. If you have a netlist format which is currently not supported please contact HDL Works. Adding a new format can often be realized in a short time frame.

Support by Vendor

  • Altium
    • Altium Designer
  • Cadence Design Systems
    • Allegro
    • Orcad
  • Mentor Graphics
    • Board Station
    • Design Capture
    • DxDesigner
    • PADS
    • VeriBest
  • Pulsonix
  • Zuken
    • CR-5000
    • CR-8000

Support by file format

  • Cadence packaged netlist (pstxnet.dat, pstchip.dat)
  • Cadence Board file PCB (.brd)
  • Cadence Telesis netlist (.tel)
  • CSV file (generic CSV files, vendor independent)
  • Intel Schematic Compatibility Format (ISCF)
  • Mentor DxDesigner 'Quick Connection View' (.qcv)
  • Mentor Packager cross ref. netlist (.pxr)
  • Mentor Board Station netlist (.net, nets.txt)
  • Mentor keyin netlist (.key)
  • ODB++
  • PADS ascii database (.asc)
  • XML (Altium Designer extension)
  • Zuken RINF netlist (.frs)
  • Zuken NDF netlist (.ndf)

The generic CSV file import can be used to add a full netlist or a stub for just one component (connector) defining the signals attached to the component. This can be used when you don't have access to the full netlist of a COTS board.

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